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13 June 2017


PAS is a new and growing service.

The idea is very recent, in the begining it was meant only for websites, but later I decided to expand the services included. Why? When I lived in Sweden or when I first moved to Spain, I realized that it’s not so easy to do all the documents, even if you know the language. It’s needed a lot of time and effort. 

The idea was to start PAS. The objective is to do consulting work and help Polish, and foreign people from other countries too, who are planning to move to Alicante and nearby (Costa Blanca area) and also for those who already live here but need some help. 

Polonia Alicante Solutions offers help in official affairs , consulting, translating, basic documentation for new residents, etc. In cooparation with a renowned law office in Alicante city center.

If you want to start a business here, open your own office or company – we can create a website for you! PAS can help you with all documentation needed, to make calls, proceedings or paperwork, rent a flat (or buy and sell), open a bank account or others. Everything at very affordable prices. 

PAS Offers: 

  1. ORGANIZATION OF BASIC DOCUMENTS needed to legaly live in Spain.
    • NIE number.
    • UE resident Card
    • Registration (Council)
    • Electronic certificates
    • Benefits Seguridad Social
    • Health Card
    • Unemployment benefit (for all EU members)
    • Open bank accounts
  2. Real Estate & Housing (rent, sell, buy and more)
    • phone contact
    • organization meetings to rent a flat etc.
  3. Translations (not official)
  4. Consulting center.
  5. Websites 
  6. Collaboration with law office – Compañ-Ferrandez-Goldfarb Abogados.

We are working with all law affairs in several languages:

  • polish,
  • spanish,
  • english,
  • german.

 7.Others   – If you need any other service that is not in the list, please contact with PAS, we will help you!

We are waiting for you!  PAS is also open to cooperation and new ideas.